The Claremont Colleges Debate Union (CCDU), a 5-C program centered at Claremont McKenna College, is among the largest and most successful college debating societies in the nation. A genuine 5-C program, students from each of the undergraduate institutions of the Claremont Consortium – Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps – are active Debate […]


To learn about the 5-C Claremont Colleges Debate Union, please attend one of the upcoming Open House sessions or Intro/Orientation sessions or contact John Meany, or Lauren ‘Scooby’ Phillips, Each Open House will have Debate Union materials and the opportunity to speak to staff. The Intro/Orientation sessions have a formal presentation (about 30 […]


This information is for prospective, new, and returning members of the Debate Union. The Debate Union is a 5-C program. It is centered at CMC in Bauer South (circular building at the east end of the campus). The Debate Union is located in Bauer South 21, aka Bauer 21 or BC 21. The 20’s rooms […]


Please welcome Lauren ‘Scooby’ Phillips, hired in July 2015 as an administrative assistant in the Debate Union. Scooby is a 2013 graduate of Claremont McKenna. She has actively participated in Debate Union programming; she was an undergraduate Debate Union intern and has been a volunteer for outreach tournament and event administration and judging, as well […]


Experienced debaters will demonstrate the intercollegiate WUDC/BP format on Wednesday, September 2, 7:00 PM. There will be a brief preview of the format at 6:30 PM and a demonstration debate from 7:00-7:45 PM (abbreviated speaker times). Observers have the opportunity for Q & A with the participants after the debate. Please come to Bauer 21, […]


Instruction and practice will use examples of motions from recent tournaments. If debating at competitions, it is your responsibility to understand and apply techniques from instructional sessions.  To register for practice debates, please email Lauren ‘Scooby’ Phillips,, with your selected time(s). No registration is required for instructional sessions. Instruction – Wednesday, September 2, Bauer 21 4:15-5:00 […]


CCDU contact, participant, and travel forms must be completed by all members of the Debate Union and filed in Bauer 21 for intercollegiate competition, professional communication, and educational outreach events. An iNext card is available from CMC’s Center for Global Education. It is required for international travel; it is good for one year. Please request […]


To register, please contact Lauren ‘Scooby’ Phillips, For these events, you must register 1 week prior to scrimmages and 2 weeks prior to the opening date of the invitational tournaments. Those registered for an event must participate in the full schedule of available debates. There are scrimmages and tournaments open for registration to returning […]


Congratulations to students for their outstanding work at the Debate Union’s 2015 Claremont Summer residential and commuting sessions from June-August. Student interns worked as instructional staff and residential administrators in middle school debate, high school debate (national and international sessions), and high school leadership and professional communication sessions. Student interns include Isabella ‘Buddy’ Burch, Pranay […]


More than 500 people attended the 2015 CLAREMONT SUMMER debate and leadership professional communication workshops sponsored by the Claremont Colleges Debate Union. Programming was held at Claremont McKenna College from mid-June to the first week of August. The Debate Union has hosted previous summer programs but this is the 16th consecutive year of the CLAREMONT SUMMER […]


The Debate Union sponsors class and contest debate programming in a number of countries. This effort includes teacher and staff training with partner universities and educational non-profit organizations. In addition, the Debate Union administers international competitive high school debate programming for the United States. The CCDU is the US representative for the Pan American Debate […]


The Debate Union had an outstanding year of competitive, professional, and educational outreach programming. Thanks to all members of the Debate Union, as well as many Debate Union alumni, for their brilliant participation and support! Just some of the highlights of the year… General Established 15 paid national and international internships for members and alumni. Received […]


The US Universities National Debate Championship was established by the Claremont Colleges Debate Union. The USU Championship is the US national championship in the World Universities Debating Championship format (the format is also know as the British Parliamentary format). The WUDC/BP format is the most popular debate format for higher education institutions. It is also […]


A ‘novice’ debater is a student in her/his first year of intercollegiate debating in the WUDC/BP format, regardless of prior debate experience.  Prior to 2013, the novice championship was held in conjunction with the national championship tournament. Only novice teams registered for the national championship tournament were eligible for the national novice championship. In 2013, […]


Congratulations to Charlie Sprague and Jesse Katz Blumenthal, the winners of the 2010 US Universities National Debating Championship. The tournament was sponsored by Regis University and the University of Denver, April 8-11. Charlie and Jesse were undefeated in their 10 debates. They placed ahead of Stanford, Yale, and Portland State in the final. The tournament included […]