Thank you, Panama Debate Workshop Staff

Led by Pastor Arroyo (CMC ’18), a Fulbright Scholar and English instructor at the University of David, high school teachers and students in Panama began training in PDP debating this year. Pastor sponsored workshops for hundreds of students in Spring 2019, leading to an English language debate competition in July.

CCDU members Trevor Christensen and Gonzalo Secaira traveled to Panama in August 2019 to assist in Spanish language workshops for more than 175 students and teachers. In September, the HSPDP-Panama hosted 5 high school Spanish language debate tournaments throughout the country, leading to a newly created Spanish-language national championship in November. The HSPDP-Panama champion and one other Panamanian team were selected to represent the country at the HSPDP Championship in April 2020. unfortunately, the pandemic interfered with the spring championship tournament. Panamanian schools are working with HSPDP schools for online debate opportunities for 2020-21.

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