Thank you – Public Debate – Abolish the Electoral College, Sunday, October 4

Thank you to members of the Debate Union participating in the first Fall Term Showcase Public Debate held on Sunday, October 4. Nathaniel Braswell served as the program moderator. Naomi Tilles was on the affirmative side of the debate; Amari Huang argued the negative side.

The debate was well attended, particularly by teachers and students from the Debate Union’s secondary school educational outreach network. Members of the public are able to engage the debaters during a question and comment period in the middle of the debate, through heckling and Zoom reactions, and with an audience vote on the debate outcome. In this debate, the audience supported the negative side of the topic by a narrow margin.

The next fall public debate will be held on Sunday, November 1, 2:00 PM. The debate topic is “The US should adopt compulsory voting for its general elections.”

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