Thank you, 2021 CDLI Summer Interns

Thank you to members of the Debate Union and CCDU alumni for their outstanding instruction and administrative work during this summer’s Claremont Debate and Leadership Communication Institutes (CDLI). This year, there are 12 institute sessions and 4 tournaments, scheduled from June-September, for secondary school teachers and students. Programming included multiple teacher workshops, debate sessions for middle school and high school students, an academic scholars program for middle school students, and leadership communication training and an academic conference for high school students.

The final events for the summer include PDP online tournaments for middle school and high school summer students on the weekend of August 14-15 and Public Debate Program (PDP) California teacher and student workshop on September 11. In addition, high school students from the leadership program are invited to participate in a capstone project – a leadership initiative – at their school or in their community during the academic year. High school students may also attend a secondary school division of a Spring 2022 Conference on Electoral Reform.

CCDU members and alumni from CMC, Scripps, and Pitzer participated in Summer 2021 and included active CCDU members Maya Kurkhill (CMC ’23), Kayla Solomon (SCR ’24), Amari Huang (CMC ’23), Melanie Kallah (CMC’25), Ben Wasson (CMC’25), Sterling Drummond (PTZ’25), as well as former members Lauren Phillips (CMC ’13) and Pastor Arroyo (CMC ’20).


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