Congratulations, Seattle Debaters!

Congratulations to all 3 teams attending the Seattle University Debate Tournament, hosted online, December 4-5. At one of the largest tournaments in the US in 2021, Michele Tang and Justin Shen placed second at the event, their second consecutive final round and second place finish. After Justin was unable to continue due to illness, Michele debated on her own through the elimination rounds to earn the team’s award.

The other two teams also qualified for the open division elimination rounds, impressive performances for novice teams (and clearly the top novice teams at the competition). Alaina Neuburger and Alana Yang finished as quarter-finalists, an outstanding achievement at their second intercollegiate tournament. Audrey Strevey and Grayson Shaw qualified for elimination debates and won their quarter-final and semi-final debates, ultimately finishing as participating finalists for their performance in the last debate. Audrey has placed in the open final for 2 consecutive tournaments; Grayson earned his second individual speaker award at his second BP tournament.

Sixty undergraduate and graduate school teams from the US, UK, Africa, and India competed at this year’s event.

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