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February 8, Loyola Marymount (Los Angeles) – Lafayette topic/Venn format

February 8-9 Point Loma University (San Diego) – British Parliamentary Debating

February 15-16, Las Vegas Debates (Las Vegas) – Lafayette topic and format

February 15-16 University of Southern California (Los Angeles) – British Parliamentary Debating

February 15-16, Cornell Debates (National Novice, National Spanish, and Invitational) (Ithaca, NY) – British Parliamentary Debating

February 22, Palomar College (San Marcos/San Diego) – British Parliamentary Debating

February 22-23, Hawai’i Pacific University (Honolulu) – British Parliamentary Debating (limited entry)

February 22-23, George Washington University (Washington, DC) – British Parliamentary Debating (limited entry)

Lafayette Debates Topic/Tournaments

This year’s Lafayette Debates will use the following topic:

Corporations should prioritize stakeholder value over shareholder value.

Four tournaments will use the Lafayette Debates topic and format. These include the Western Championship at Loyola Marymount University (Saturday, February 8), the Lafayette Debates at Las Vegas (Saturday-Sunday, February 15-16), the Lafayette Invitational at Claremont McKenna College (Saturday, February 29), and the Lafayette Debates Championship at George Washington University and the French Embassy to the United States (Saturday-Sunday, April 3-4).