2019-20 Tournament Calendar

Tournament Calendar
2019-20 (Version September 4)

• Tournament sites and dates may change. Most events are confirmed for the listed dates. Many international events are not yet listed.

• Listed dates are competition dates. Travel may add one or more days to an event.

• Events include the following formats: BP (British Parliamentary), SJD (Social Justice Debates), L/D (Lafayette Debates), PDP (Public Debate Program), APDA (American Parliamentary Debate Association), Schuman Challenge, SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), IHL (International Humanitarian Law).

• All events are in English, except for select competitions with Spanish language divisions.

• Conferences featuring paper, panel, multimedia, and other competitions, if available, are also included here.

• All members of the Debate Union are required to attend and support debate outreach, including the PDP outreach championships, scheduled for April 18 (high school) and April 25-26 (middle school regional and national championships), 2020.

 Denotes Spanish language event

21-22 US Air Force Academy (BP)
27-28 Wheaton College (BP)

4-5 Morehouse College (SJD)
5 Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP – modified BP)

5-6 San Diego State University (BP)
12-13 Lewis and Clark College (BP)
19-20 Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia (SJD – mixed US/Colombia teams; Bilingual En-Sp debating)
19-20 University of Denver (BP)
26-27 St. Ignatius Dialogues/Jesuit Cup, Loyola Marymount University (BP)

2-3 University of Vermont (BP)
2-3 CSU – Long Beach (BP)

2-3 Dominican University (BP)
9-10 One Person, No Vote Deliberations, Emory University (Conference and likely BP)
9-10 University of California, Los Angeles (BP)
16-17 University of British Columbia (BP)

7 PSCFA – Mount San Antonio College (BP)
7-8 Seattle University (BP)

7-8 Brandeis University (BP)

18-19 Morehouse College (SJD)

1-2 Vanderbilt University (BP)
8-9 Point Loma University (BP)
8-9 Pan Pacific Cup, University of British Columbia (BP)
15-16 Las Vegas Lafayette Debates on Food Waste

15-16 Cornell University (BP – Sp/En and BP Novice National Championship)

15-16 USC (BP)
15-17 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (BP – Sp)
22 PSCFA Spring Championship – Palomar College

22-23 Hawai’i Pacific University (BP)
22-23 George Washington University (BP)
29-1 Claremont Colleges (Lafayette/IHL)

7-8 Los Medanos College (BP)
7-8 Regis University (BP)
13-15 Women’s Invitational, University of La Verne (BP)
14-15 Middlebury College (BP)
21-23 Western Championship, Pacific Lutheran University (BP)
27-29 Criminal Justice Reform Conference and University PDP Championship

3-4 Lafayette Debates, George Washington University/French Embassy of the United States (L/D)
18-20, USUDC Championship Tournament, University of Chicago (BP)
TBD, Western Society of Professional Journalism Debates (SPJ), Honolulu, Hawai’i
25 MSPDP Regional Championship, Mt. San Antonio College (PDP)
26 MSPDP National Championship, Mt. San Antonio College (PDP)


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